We offer answers to every demand of drinkable water on board and on land.

With the aim of designing and building desalination plants and water purifiers and reverse osmosis advanced by the highest quality and reliability for nautical and civil Tecnicomar for over 40 years has been engaged on this front. The international scale achieved through the experience, technology of its products and a great standard attention to the needs of the market, served by a commercial network and international technical assistance, is the natural consequence of a commitment that sees today among the leading manufacturers the global industry.


Established in 1978 by Mr. Francesco De Vita, Tecnicomar S.p.a. shortly became a leading company designing and manufacturing reverse osmosis watermakers and water purifying systems for yachting, naval, offshore, industrial and residential applications.
Since then, tecnicomar has built a strong reputation within maritime industry supplying a wide range of products meeting any drinkable water need and engineered to be the most reliable, longer last and more convenient because green technology based giving up to 60% more of fresh water and 35% less of energy consumption.


In 2004, Tecnicomar has developed a new product line by launching in the market the state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant, represented by the ecomar which is a patented system, chemical type, full automatic operation, Certified by Lloyd’s Register and designed to treat black and grey water in compliance with IMO MARPOL Resolutions Mepc 159(55) and Mepc 227(64).  Nowadays, tecnicomar delivers its high-quality systems all over the world through a large network of factory-trained sales and service readily available to assist our valued customers anytime wherever they are. Over 36 years of business activity, tecnicomar has also gained several outstanding certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 which highlight the reliability and high quality of our management system.


Mr. Francesco De Vita founds Tecnicomar with the aim to design and manufacture Reverse Osmosis watermakers and water purifiers for marine, industrial and domestic applications.

With the new General Manager Tommaso De Vita the company strengthens the presence on international markets and improving the standard quality.

After achieving the highest reliability of his products Tecnicomar was awarded with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Certification.

Tecnicomar introduces a new product line: ECOmar, a Sewage Treatment System that fully complies with international rules IMO/MARPOL and is certified by the US Coast Guard and accepted by the Indian Coast Guard.

Tecnicomar is build a new industrial plant of 3,000 sqm dedicated area to the production of big R.O. units and customized systems.

Tecnicomar moves to a bigger production plant with 4,500 sq.m. covered surface.