Commercial Air Purification Units

The CAPS is an extremely effective indoor air purifying system. It works through seven patent pending technologies – Photohydroionization and six proprietary high efficiency cartridge absorbers. Tecnicomar combine these technologies to provide you with the Ultimate Commercial Air Purification System CAPS.

Photohydroionzation Commercial Dual Module: An advanced oxidation reaction occurs when light energy from the ultraviolet (UV) cellreacts with oxygen, ozone, a small amount of moisture in the air, and
a hydrated tri-metallic catalyst. This reaction creates cleansing ions, such as hydroperoxides and super oxide ions, which are exhausted from the system into the surrounding air. The treatment of your air includes:

• suppression of bacterial growth (bacteriostatic)
• suppression of mold growth (mycostatic)
• reduction of odors
• reduction of chemicals (VOCs)

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